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UINFC2 Pilot Dissemination & Demonstration Workshop

  • Post By Additess
  • March 22, 2016

The Pilot Demonstration &amp; Dissemination Workshop was held as part of the conference on “Emerging and current challenges in cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism”, that took place at the International Press Centre Nieuwspoort in the Hague on March 10<sup>th</sup> and 11<sup>th</sup> 2016. The conference was a joint event of various EU funded security projects (FP7 and DG-Home Affairs). The main interest of the participating projects lies in the wider area of Cyber-crime and Cyber-terrorism. More specifically in the detection of respective crimes by using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), identification of challenges (current &amp; future) in the fight against this types of crimes and to build a roadmap for improving resilience against this types of crimes. The conference was attended by a broad base of security domain stakeholders such as law enforcement agencies, researchers, hotlines and private sector industry, thus, this event was ideal for the dissemination of the UINFC2 project and the demonstration of the UINFC2 software Platform.

During the two days of the conference, the Pilot Demonstration and Dissemination Workshop took place, in which participants had the chance to get hands on experience with the UINFC2 platform. The functionalities and capabilities (identification of similar words, <em>identity theft = !d3nt1ty th3ft</em>, visual representation of crawled websites, personalization of the workspace etc.) as well as the components (statistical representation of results, analysis of submitted reports etc.) of the platform were tested in real time scenarios.

On the second day of the conference the UINFC2 project participated in a panel presentation and discussion regarding the “Needs, Challenges and Practices of Citizens Enterprise and Private Industry” alongside representatives from cyber security consults from private sector. The objective of the panel was to share and discuss the challenges faced by citizens, governments and industry regarding the increase of cyber-attacks and practices that could assist in the fight against them. To this extend the UINFC2 platform was presented as a tool that can be used by citizens to report illegal online activities while LEAs and Hotlines can use it to identify illegal material based on intelligent analysis while at the same time can enchase the collaboration and coordination between the involved stakeholders.