ADDITESS, ADD-C3, Command, Control and Coordination System is a C3 HMI system for the management of vast amounts of information for border security operations. The web-based HMI is able to offer enhanced situational awareness – integrates and depicts information and data from a variety of sensors (including sensors monitoring and tracking of targets), in a GIS environment, and has the ability to interface with third-party systems.

ADD-C3 system is able to manage various types of sensors (e.g. E/O, Radars, acoustic, Sigint, EW) and alarms for all designated areas / segments which are produced by an Analysis Subsystem (e.g. body, face and voice recognition, mass behavior patterns recognition). The ADD-C3 system HMI also allows for a flexible presentation (sound, light, screen message etc.) of incoming alarms simultaneously. The ADD-C3 operator is able to decide (verify or decline) whether an alarm is a potential threat and the system will open a new event tab for completion by the operator. For each event, depending on geographical area, a unique record is created by the ADD-C3 system