ADDITESS has developed during research and design phases a variety of UAV systems, a new concept in the UAV market: designed from existing cots platforms or from ADDITESS design, in order to minimize the development cost. As it was derived from general aviation standards, it is optimized for reduced cost of operations. The Mini-UAV systems could also prepare for navigation in controlled civilian airspace and for compliance to certification requirements that will become applicable to all UAS addressing homeland security applications and flight operations in European sky. We already comply with ROC and future LUC/EASA regulations.

The UAV Platforms that are used by ADDITESS are developed by our in-house laboratory. The platforms are based on existing cots and they are enhanced with various payloads such as cameras (i.e. Daylight, IR), GPS modules, CBRN sensors as well as other software modules in order to fulfill every client’s requirements individually.

Currently we are using and developing three types of UAV platforms

  • Multirotor types / AP-M-1S800 and AP-M-1S1000
  • Helicopter type / AP-H-1BVT-CM100v2
  • Fixed-Wind type / AP-F-1M ‘TILEMACHOS’