Next Generation Intelligence Reporting Platform

Having identified the European need for intelligent incident management systems that are customizable, ADDITESS ADD-Task is an end user driven solution designed to fit this gap. In particular, the solution combines a multitude of functionalities that cover a wide range of requirements whilst allowing full control over the generated data. ADD-Task is characterized by its modularity and ability to create customized solutions based on the requirements and imposed constraints; the solution can then be deployed either on a private cloud or on premises. Considering that no solution fits it all, ADD-Task is available in three editions, each targeting a different audience, however the modularity and configurability of its functionalities allow for custom-made editions to cover the particular needs of other application domains. ADD-Task provides different editions for Community Policing (ADD-Task edition), local authorities and enterprise applications (such as that ADD-Marine edition for Marinas/Ports) each of which is equipped with functionality specially designed for the needs of each application area.