Security Studies & Consulting

ADDITESS is dedicated to delivering world-class value advice and services to our clients enhancing their activities. Our consulting team provides highly qualified experts to help our clients proactively and efficiently address key business demands and issues.

ADDITESS’ security consulting services include the following areas:

  • Strategic Security Planning
  • Risk Management and Business Continuity
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Security Plans and Policies
  • Review, assess, and modify existing security plans
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Business continuity
  • Laws and regulations
  • Staff Training

ADDITESS provides best practice security planning and review/assessment of existing security plans to major organizations and governments internationally, enabling them to implement cost effective security solutions to safeguard installations, assets, staff, and clients.

ADDITESS’ approach to Security involves addressing three different facets separately, but also in conjunction with each other. These facets are: Operations, Systems, and People. All three facets are equally important.

Since people conduct security, not systems, it is important to ensure that the right procedures are in place, with the right people, and the right training. In fact, “operations”, “systems” and “people” must be inter-compatible and synchronized in order to produce real-life, practical and measurable results.